Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Baby girl enjoying the benefits of massage with instructor Lauren FinkWhy would I choose to do a private session instead of a group session?

This is entirely up to you. A group session offers social interaction with other parents, however the session is generalised so that everyone can benefit. A private session allows you to dictate what you want to learn and means you can spend more time on the strokes that you are finding difficult to master. You can always do a group session and if you feel you would like further guidance, then organise a private follow up session.

During the session who will be massaging my baby?

You will be. It is important that as the primary care giver, your baby becomes familiar with you giving the massage. Lauren will provide the necessary guidance and instruction to you during your session.

What is the benefit of a Physiotherapist conducting the session?

As a Physiotherapist with over six years experience in the industry, Lauren has a sound knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and thoroughly understands what babies like and dislike when being touched.

What is the best time of day to organise a massage session?

Lauren recommends the quiet alert time. Usually the time of day when your baby is awake, and not requiring a feed. It is best to commence massage more than 20 minutes after a feed.

What if my baby is unsettled, asleep or requires a feed during the session?

Babies can be unpredictable, but we will make every effort to organise your session at a time when you baby is usually in a quiet and alert state. Lauren will also have a doll at the session which can be used as a substitute to practice the techniques.

I’ve tried massage at home but my baby didn’t like it - why would this be any different?

Every baby is different and there could be many things that cause your baby to dislike massage. The direction of strokes, your baby's position, the timing of the session, and even the temperature of the room can all have an effect on your baby. Getting the right information from a qualified massage therapist means you can develop a massage session that is unique to your baby, and ensuring those sessions will be enjoyable for you and your baby.

Where do you run the massage session?

There are many options for holding massage sessions - they can be held wherever enough space allows. You may choose a location which is familiar and convenient for you, such as your home or the local maternal child health centre. Alternatively, Lauren has a space in Caulfield where she can run sessions from.

How old is too old to start baby massage?

Massage is beneficial at any age, so its never too late to start.

What should I bring to the massage session?

Massage sessions are usual performed on the floor, so you may like to bring a towel and/or a change mat. During the session you may like to take your baby's nappy off, so bring along your nappy bag in case there are any 'accidents'.

Do you supply the massage oils?

Lauren will provide massage oils to be used in the session, but as some babies can have allergies, she advices you bring any oils that you have previously used on your baby so we know that there won’t be any negative reactions.

What oils are best?

Any organic, cold pressed oils that are fruit, nut, or vegetable based. There are many baby-specific massage oils on the market, so try the oils on a small area first and wait 24 hours to see if there are any reactions.

How do I pay for my massage session?

Lauren accepts either cash payment on the day, or alternatively you can pay via direct debit prior to your session. You will receive an invoice from which you can claim on your private health insurance.

Can I claim my baby massage session on Private Health Insurance?

Yes. Because Lauren is a registered Physiotherapist, all baby massage sessions are claimable on your Private Health Insurance if you have Physiotherapy Extras.

Are gift certificates available for Rub a Bubba massase sessions?

Yes! Gift certificates are available for private or group sessions. Click here for more details.

How can I find out more about the instructor?

Visit the Meet Lauren page on the site to find out more about Lauren, including her education, work history and more.

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