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Melbourne Infant Massage instructor Lauren FinkThe first way a baby learns to communicate is through touch.

Baby massage is a wonderful way for parents to learn how to develop a strong and loving bond with their new bundle of joy.

All Rub a Bubba Infant Massage sessions are conducted by Lauren Fink, a qualified Physiotherapist and Infant Massage Instructor in Melbourne.

Lauren combines her knowledge as a Physiotherapist with her baby massage experience to teach simple, easy to learn techniques that will make every session enjoyable for you and your baby.  

Developmental stretches and massage strokes are fundamental in developing motor skills, cognitive, social and language skills as well as co-ordination. This puts your baby well on their way to developing important milestones in a soothing and nurturing way.  

The invigorating effects of baby massage can help assist your baby with better quality of sleep (and in turn for parents!), while also being extremely useful in relieving the aches and pains associated with colic, wind and constipation.

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